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We are a company formed by two partners, Moisés and Raúl , we have been working together since 2009 , though both had extensive experience in the industry, our goal is to sell properties to our client and that the two parties involved , buyers and owners remain satisfied with our performance .

Our area of operation is the province of Málaga , and more specifically the metropolitan area of ​​the capital, in this area we have a portfolio of properties at very good prices , both multifamily and single family homes .

We also handle banking assets with different organizations in the last year we have worked with the Santander Group and NCG Banco Unicaja .

Besides financial institutions we relate to investment funds which advise on purchases and they seek the client ‘s assets.

Although we are not in finance, we advise our clients on the opportunities that exist in the mortgage market and present them to the entities that could possibly help .

Our main strengths are the thorough understanding of the property market in Malaga , which makes our buyers benefit from the best opportunities, and individualized treatment and personal with each imperative to take the pulse of the wants and needs of our customers .

Just hope that every person who trusts us stay filled in their expectations and find a property that suits your needs , to fulfill that goal in every transaction we do we will be satisfied .

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